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January 2024 Updates To Policies, Pricing, Processes

Thank you for a wonderful 2023! We are so proud of some big new milestones including completing hundreds of 1-1 grooms, safely caring for hundreds of your fluffy babies at daycare and hotel, and hosting dozens of fun events in our Barkery space including puppy yoga, photos with santa, frenchie fridays and more. We look forward to all the exciting things that 2024 will bring.

As we move into the new year, it is time for us to update a few policies and we always slightly increase pricing in the new year to cover the costs of increased rent, general inflation, labor costs, and health/retirement/sick pay/paid time off benefits for our beloved team who are at the center of providing wonderful care for your babies. We appreciate your support of our small woman owned business - every purchase you make supports our local staff in their daily lives. Having happy and healthy employees allows for the best care provided to your pups and your financial support of our products and services is so greatly appreciated by all of us.

Are you following us on Instagram? You should be! We post content daily with additional videos, photos, and updates so we hope to see you there.


  • GROOMING DEPOSITS: Because of the 1-1 nature of grooming and the value of our groomer's time, we will now be requiring a 100% deposit for booked grooms up front. You may receive a full refund if you cancel with 72+ hrs notice. Grooms canceled with less than 72 hrs notice will be charged in full for the groom and we will keep the deposit to cover the groomer's time lost. We do still offer baths and nail trims without haircuts and those can be booked through our professional groomer by selecting grooming as a separate service in our customer booking portal. Grooming is $80/hr and high quality.

  • HOTEL FOOD & MEDICINE PREP: Starting in 2024 if your pup is dropped off and their food/medicine has not been properly separated/labeled according to our protocols, you will be charged a $75 service fee for the staff to take time and provide materials to separate and prep for their stay. Please do not rely on our team to properly prep food/meds as we do not allot time for this in our daily schedules at the space - we are enforcing this fee to encourage our clients to take the time to properly label and separate out food and medicines as it is required by Illinois law. Please do not dropoff an open bag of food or large plastic containers - be sure you are are following our strict guidelines for food and medicine prep using ziploc baggies and labels and all in one tote- this is for the safety of all dogs in our care, to adhere to state law, and to ensure your dog is receiving their food and medicine properly. Thank you!

  • GROOMING SERVICES IN GENERAL: In order for grooming to be at its highest quality, we are no longer offering complimentary quick baths for doggies who stay at the hotel or fast , inexpensive baths by our general team. Our dog lounge assistants are not professional groomers and there is a level of skill that takes years of training to properly administer grooming services to dogs. Since 5 star service is at the core of our mission - we do not wish to send home a dog with a matted coat from improper brushing/blow drying/ or an irritated coat due to a quick bath done with low skill level. We care deeply about the quality of services we provide and therefore, all grooming must be booked as an appointment with our professional groomer. This is for the safety of your pups and the quality of care. We encourage those who have hotel stays with us to always add a grooming/bath to your dog's stay if you desire them to come home clean and smelling great!


Please keep yourself up to date on our policies and refresh yourself by visiting our policy page at

  • DAYCARE PACKAGE CHANGE REQUESTS & COMMUNICATIONS: A friendly reminder that requests for daycare package changes must be put in writing 7+ days before your next billing cycle to avoid charges. Please email us at Please do not verbally ask staff to change packages in passing as this information may get lost in the bustle of the work day - please email us so we have record in writing and can follow up to ensure you are not charged/your package is changed. Thank you!

  • ADD ON SERVICES: Don't forget we offer a variety of wonderful add ons for your pup to enjoy during their daycare and boarding with us such as walks to ease anxiety, treats to spoil them, and more - these can be selected at the time of booking from the drop down menus to enhance their time with us.

  • COMMUNICATIONS: Please utilize the 773-663-1562 for phone communications to our staff.


You will see the following changes reflected on your transactions starting in January 2024:


Monthly 4 Pack $225/month (Monday & Friday Bookings Only)

Monthly 8 Pack: $400/Month

Monthly 12 Pack: $550/Month (Most Popular!)

Monthly 16 Pack: $700/Month

Unlimited 1 Dog: $800/Month

Unlimited 2 Dogs: $1475/Month

Weekend Pass $55 A La Carte


Some of our add on services and barkery products will see an additional $1 to $2 increase in pricing


We are increasing our current card processing fee by +3% to cover the cost of employee health/retirement/PTO benefits.

Thank you for continuing to support our small local business. We appreciate your trust and hope that if you know of a friend or family member who could use our services or products that you'll recommend us.


Victoria Elena Nones


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