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Dog Training

Meet our dog trainer Juliette. With over 5 years experience training and working with canines, Juliette has transformed hundreds of dogs varying in shape, size, and temperament. She loves instilling a solid behavioral foundation for young dogs to set them up for a lifetime of success and specializes in behavioral rehabilitation for misunderstood pups. 


Our 1-1 training sessions with Juliette can take place at your home or our space. Sessions are focused on an area of your choosing to improve your dog's behavior (ie separation anxiety, barking, leash pulling) over the course of 6 to 10 sessions. Each week we work with your dog for 60 minutes and each session we give you a repetitive exercise (homework) to do with your dog every day for 15 mins before the next week's session.


Sessions are $80 and must be booked as a 6 pack of weekly sessions. Should your dog's progress stall or the behaviors be more severe, we may recommend additional sessions a la carte at any stage of the process.

Session One: Intake/Assessment

Session Two: Redirection

Session Three: Neutrality

Session Four: Trigger Engagement

Session Five: Practice Techniques

Session Six: Check in/Maintenance 

90% of dog training and seeing long term change in behaviors relies on you as the owner to provide daily consistency. We hope you're ready to commit to change. Let's work together to create a better future for the lifetime of your beloved dog.

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