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Sit Social Policies

Interview Required

All new dogs who wish to setup lounge or hotel services require a paid 4 hour interview at our space.


First spa/grooming visit is considered an interview & we reserve the right to refuse future spa services if not a fit. 

New Client One Time Software Use Fee Applies for Lifetime use of our Client Portal.

Booking Services

Dog Lounge: 24 hrs notice

Spa: 72 hrs notice or charged full price of groom

Hotel or In Home Pet Sit:

7 days' notice

Emergency Fees ($) Apply

If Not Booked With

Proper Notice

6.5% Transaction Fee 

Dog hotel stays must be dropped off by or before 6pm.

Hotel Stay - Restless/ Destructive Pups

Dogs sleep in the open in our upstairs hotel loft with the exception of destructive pups who may be chewing/tearing up items overnight or cannot settle to sleep (continuous play). To avoid you having to pay continued damage fees (ie your dog ripped open a bed or blanket overnight) We reserve the right to move your pup to the calm room or crated as needed.


Only leash, collar/harness, coat/sweater if needed,  food and medicines/medical tools should be sent with your dog to the lounge/hotel.  No personal belongings at the space please. We have everything they need. We are not responsible for loss or damage to personal items sent with your dog.

Please review our strict requirements for food/medicine packing prior to your dog's stay.

All food must be labeled and portioned in sealed ziploc baggies (1 meal per bag) and in your labeled tote bag.

All medicines must include concise,  printed instructions taped on to a pill box or other container with all medical items (ie syringes, pill pockets etc).

If your dog is not eating during their stay due to homesickness, we may add salmon oil supplements or home made meal mixers to get them to eat (additional charges apply).

Peak Rates

Holiday Weeks and Weekends incur additional rates due to demand/volume. Generate an estimate in the customer portal for pricing.

Photo/Video Release

By signing up for services you understand and agree that photos and videos will be taken of your dog and may be used for promotional purposes. All photos/videos taken of dogs in our care are the property of Sit Social, LLC and may be used in any manner whatsoever and are owned by Sit Social, LLC in perpetuity.


Bringing your dog in for grooming means you are entrusting our expertise in the care and safety of your dog. As experts in the field of dog care, we reserve the right to use any and all professional  tools/methods necessary to provide a safe and comfortable groom for your dog as well as create a safe environment for our groomers.


Tools we may use include but are not limited to:

  • Slip leads

  • Scissors

  • Shavers

  • Peanut Butter

  • Licking Mats WIth Peanut Butter

  • Happy Hoodies (Ear Covers)

  • Muzzles (Only if dog is nipping/biting at staff)

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time and for any reason.


By booking grooming services you consent to a media release meaning that Any/all photos /videos of your dog taken during the groom are property of Sit Social, LLC in perpetuity.

$80/hr clock starts at your scheduled time and ends when you pickup your dog.

See grooming page for additional policies

Daycare Packages

Credits Expire Every 30 Days

Non Refundable

No Roll Over

If Daycare is full you will be placed on the waitlist after your dog passes their interview.

Clients who pause or cancel their existing package are not guaranteed a spot upon wishing to return as we reserve the right to replace your daycare spot with a waitlist client.

Change/cancel your package in writing with 7 days notice to Packages that are not changed/canceled with 7+days notice prior to  the billing date are non refundable.


Call Or Text Our Staff Line For anything related to your lounge, hotel, or spa

booking at 773-663-1562.

Dog Hotel Dropoffs must be arranged by or before 6pm.


You will receive 1 "pupdate" (photo or video) per day regarding your pup's behavior/demeanor at the lounge/hotel. 

Cleanup Fees

Should your dog be ill when with us and require additional cleanup (diarrhea, vomit, emergency bath) we reserve the right to clean and charge additional fees for the extra cleanup of your pup as well as request that they be picked up from the dog lounge if sick. If your dog has liquid stool  or is vomiting please see your vet and please keep them home.

In Home Pet Sits

Keys & Instructions must be dropped off to our business location M-F 7am-7pm at least 48 hrs prior to your departure.

We reserve the right to refuse service should our in home staff be uncomfortable or feel unsafe at the client's home location.

Canceling Services

Dog Lounge: 24 Hrs Notice Or Charged For Visit

Spa: 72 hrs notice or charged full price of groom

Hotel stays and pet sits are Non Refundable once booked. Non Transferable. Only redeemable for the dates you reserve.  Please only book once your dates are firm. No refunds or credit transfers regardless of cancellation reason or timeline.


We use commands and behavioral corrective tools to create a safe, happy, behaviorally well adjusted pack environment for lounge and hotel services. We believe in sending your dog home behaviorally better than they come in and we assert healthy boundaries in the playgroup by correcting for mounting, incessant barking, reactivity, and other undesirable behaviors. These corrections include water bottle spritzing , humane vibrational collars that beep for incessant barking, ultrasonic beep correction for incessant barking, crated time outs, leash control with slip leads to redirect, belly bands as needed for male dogs, & verbal cues/commands. 

Belly Bands

All male dogs require the use of belly bands while indoors to prevent marking and indoor accidents. We provide these at the entrance for you to put on your pup before entering the space.

Add Ons

We provide a variety of luxury add on services including special treats, activities, and spa services. Select "additional services" from the drop down at booking to add to your visit.


Each owner is fully responsible for their dog's behaviors at our space. Should your dog damage the space/supplies, harm another dog or human -- the owner is liable for all monetary and legal damages incurred.


We reserve the right at any time to change prices with or without notice. 

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