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Luxury 5 star rated dog grooming dog groomer chicago 60657 Sit Social

5 Star Luxury
Dog Grooming 

Experience our dog groomers at
3221 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

Sit Social provides premium grooming with our expert groomer. What sets us apart from other salons is that we pride ourselves on giving your dog a 1-1 experience. We only groom 1 dog at a time in our private dog spa to provide the most stress free experience.

Our full service grooming ranges from $70 to $250 and is based on a variety of factors including your dog's size, temperament, and condition of their coat at dropoff. A quote will be given at dropoff and final price determined at pickup. Here is a guideline for pricing:

  • $70 is the base price for "The Works"  (Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, facial, brightening shampoo, conditioning treatment, anal gland expression)

  • $80- $125 Is the range for "The Works" + haircuts/trims. 

  • $130-$250 is for XL dogs,  time consuming breeds such as doodles, extreme grooming cases with severe matting, or a very particular show dog haircut. 

A friendly reminder that a 20% cash tip is industry standard and appreciated for your groomer

Dog Grooming Dog Groomer Chicago 60657 Sit Social Lakeview 5 Star Rated
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Dog Spa Dog Wash Chicago

How Much Does Grooming
At The Dog Spa Cost &
What Is Included With A Grooming Appointment?

​Full Service Dog Grooming Spa

  • $70-$250 Includes "The Works" and Haircuts/Shaving

  • $15 Nail Trim or Ear Cleaning Clinic on Saturdays

We also offer a self service dog wash available to be booked by appointment. $15 for 30 mins.

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