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Luxury 5 star rated dog grooming dog groomer chicago 60657 Sit Social

Dog Grooming 

Experience our dog groomers at
3221 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

Sit Social provides premium 1-1 dog grooming with our expert groomers. What sets us apart from other salons is that we pride ourselves on giving your dog a low stress,  1-1 luxury experience. We only groom 1 dog at a time in our private dog spa to provide focused effort and a calm, enjoyable groom for your beloved dog.

Our full service dog grooming ranges from $80 - $320. Our rate is $80 per hour and we base pricing on the time it will take our expert dog groomers to groom your dog. Timing is based on a variety of factors including your dog's size, temperament during the groom, and the condition of their coat at drop-off. An estimated quote will be given at drop-off and final price determined at pickup. Full service grooming includes 'the works' in whatever we determine your pup needs and will allow us to do safely and comfortably (shampoo, deep conditioning, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, paw soak, facials, brushing, blowouts, anal glands if requested/showing symptoms). In addition to 'the works' you may request a cut or trim if needed as part of your hourly services. We also provide a la carte nail trims/grinding ($20) which can be booked in between our grooms as available. A 20% cash gratuity is industry standard, but you are welcome to tip more if you feel the dog groomer went above and beyond. Here is a guideline for full service grooming pricing:

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Dog Grooming Dog Groomer Chicago 60657 Sit Social Lakeview 5 Star Rated
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