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Luxury Small Dog Hotel Add Ons

Add luxury services to your dog's hotel or lounge stay including tasty treats like our frozen peanut butter kong, stimulating activities like an adventure walk in the neighborhood, or spa services such as nail trims, teeth cleaning, or a full service mud bath. Check out our selection below. To add to your booking, simply request your service type (daycare/boarding) and then select the "additional services" drop down from the booking portal. If you're having trouble adding any of the services below to your reservation just give us a call or email and we are happy to add them for you.

Dog Daycare Near Me 60657 60614 60610 Chicago

Play Time

Activity Add On

If your pup loves to fetch/play this is a great activity that is 1-1. Get a little extra energy out beyond their time with friends during their stay with ten minutes of dedicated toy play.

Doggie Daycare Near Me 60657 60614 60610 Chicago

Bully Stick

Treat Add On

Spoil your pup with this pure beef protein. Dehydrated for chewing enjoyment and easily digestible.

Doggy Daycare Near Me 60657 60614 60610 Chicago

Himalayan Chew

Treat Add On

One of the best chews on the market. All natural made with only 3 ingredients - yak milk, lime, and salt. Hours of chewing joy.

Dog Hotel Near Me Dog Boarding Near Me Chicago 60657 60614

Nail Trim & Grind

Grooming Add On

On days our groomer is on site we can administer a quick nail trim & grind.

Dog Hotel Near Me Dog Boarding Near Me Chicago 60657 60614

Adventure Walk

Activity Add On

Let your pup get some fresh air, smells, and adventure with this ten minute walk in the surrounding neighborhood. A great way to shake up the day.

Dog Hotel Near Me Dog Boarding Near Me Chicago 60657 60614

Frozen Peanut Butter Kong

Treat Add On

A delicious special treat to enhance your pup's time away from home.

Home Made Human Grade Dog Food Chicago

Room Service

Treat Add On

Treat your dog to a fresh, human grade, home made hot meal served up in our signature dish (complete with cute social media worthy video).

Smart Phone Screen

Facetime Call

Activity Add On

For hotel guests - missing your pup? Schedule a 5 minute facetime video call to say hello!

Dog Bakery Chicago Barkery Dog Birthday Cake

Barkery Treat

Treat Add On

Spoil Your Pup With one of our signature experiences at the Barkery - a pupcake, donut, ice cream, or doggie cocktail. (Complete with Instagram Worthy Video).


Spa Experience


Pamper your pup with a professional grooming service in our 1-1 spa experience. We provide basic baths, blowouts, nail trims and haircuts or fun color if desired. Book grooming separately through our customer portal.

Salmon Oil Chicago Dog Food Gift Store

Salmon Oil

Treat Add On

Add healthy omega 3 and 6 to your dog's feeding routine while with us. This bottle of salmon oil will be used to increase your pup's appetite and improve their skin/coat/fur and joints. Take the rest of the bottle home with you upon pickup.

Dog Massage.png

Massage & Brush

Activity Add On

A little extra stimulation to relax your pup during their stay. This ten minute rub down and brushing removes loose fur, promotes healthy skin, and relaxes your pup's joints while they're away and missing you.

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