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Throwing a Pawsitively Fun Celebration: 10 Dog Birthday Party Ideas

A woman holding her dog with a happy birthday sign behind them
A Special Dog Birthday Party At Our Space In Chicago

Does your pup have a birthday coming up? Is their adoption anniversary or “Gotcha Day” soon?

What better way to celebrate them than with these 10 products and DIYs? Sit Social is here to help you plan the perfect day to spoil your bestie! In fact, if you don't want to have to worry, we can take care of everything with a private dog birthday party rental at our Barkery and Hotel.

#1 Home-made Pupcakes From Our Dog Bakery

If your pup has ever visited Sit Social, they know (and love) our pupcakes. Made with all natural, dog-safe ingredients, these treats are not only adorable, but a healthy, unprocessed way to celebrate your bestie! Our cakes are made from apple sauce (containing lots of Vitamin A&C), and olive oil (great for skin and coat); our fun frosting is made with coconut oil (for happy tummies and digestion) and peanut butter (with no nasty artificial sugars!) Topped with coconut or dried roses, these treats are the perfect way to celebrate your pup and all their party guests.

Our cakes come as mini pupcakes, large pupcakes, or even cake slices, perfect for any dog in need of a birthday treat! We even have sets that include a party hat and candle- everything you need for a dog-tastic celebration.

#2 DIY Games

We know pups love to play- but so do humans! This easy DIY will have everyone at the celebration involved. Go online and search for “Dog Birthday Party Games”. Pick your favorite and pass out some cute printouts to all your guests. Owners can check off everything their pup does throughout the party for points- whether that’s a cool trick or just an adorable pose. Add up those points, and make sure you have an extra special prize for your winners!


#3 Doggie Cocktails

Is your pup a party animal? Then they’ll love our doggie cocktails! Made in-house, choose between our Chickentini or Long Island Iced beef, made with all-natural chicken or beef broth. Topped with coconut flakes, rose petals and an orange slice, your pup will be the life of the party with this yummy treat. This unique treat is not only adorable, but also benefits their liver, aids in healthy joints, and provides a tasty form of hydration- celebrate your pup in style and health!

#4 Cheeky Chicken Home Made Dog Food

Looking for the perfect meal to cater your puppy party? Want to treat your bestie to a 5-star dinner? Look no further! Our Cheeky Chicken is made fresh every week with all-natural Chicken, White Rice, Apples, Carrots, Spinach, and Peas. This meal will satisfy your pup without any fillers or harmful ingredients like many processed dog foods. Served hot or cold, our Cheeky Chicken is packed with vitamins, potassium, and easy on the tummy! Available in single servings during daycare/boarding or in 16oz reusable jars.

Bottles of salmon oil
Salmon Oil Helps Improve Skin & Coat and Decreases Shedding

#5 Pawty-Favors

A good party always has a thank you for its guests! A doggy bag is super easy and fun to put together. Need some ideas? Dog treats, toys, bows, bowls, and thank you cards will be sure to make your guests paws-itvley happy! Send them home with their very own pupcake or make your own easy treats- the dog crowd is pretty easy to please when it comes to what they get to eat!


A group of french bulldog owners and their owners happily smiling
Our Frenchie Friday Dog Meetup in Chicago!

#6 Puppy Party at Sit Social

Want to spoil your pup to the max? Host their birthday party at Sit Social! A rental at our space includes birthday treats, décor, and tons of space for your dog and all their fluffy friends to run and play. Not to mention the photoshoot opportunities! The best way to celebrate your pup is with a day all about them- and Sit Social is the perfect place to do it.

#7 Collars, Leashes, Bandanas, & Bowties

Your pup will be the coolest on the block with our selection of collars, leashes, bandanas & bowties. The collection featured on our website at the moment is perfect for a party- pink with rainbow sprinkles is sure to release your pup’s inner party animal! Or, come check out our Barkery in person to see more of our options- we’d love to help you with a doggie fashion show.

A himalayan dog chew with a bow and business card
Himalayan Dog Chew! Delicious

#8 All Natural Treats

Dogs deserve only the best for treat time. That’s why we proudly sell all natural, freeze-dried treats alongside our homemade ones in our barkery! From chicken wings to turkey gizzards, your pup will never want to go back to overly processed biscuits. These treats are delicious, healthy, and great for keeping your dog’s teeth squeaky clean! We offer individual treats and bags (incase your pup is a picky eater).

#9 Pet Portraits

While your pet may not appreciate it, you will love our personalized pet portraits to celebrate your pup! Made by our in-house artist Caley, our portraits come in three different sizes to capture the beauty (and cuteness) of your fluffy friend. A combination of ink and watercolor brings your pet to life in the most perfect way! Interested? Text your name, dog's name, and photo of your choosing to (773)661-9336 to find the best options for your pup! 

A happy groomed dog with greenery behind them
Lake View's Top Groomer - Get The Dog Spa Experience!

#10 Luxury Spa Day

Spa days aren’t just for the girlies anymore! Treat your pup to a 1-on-1 luxury spa experience for their special day. Even our highest energy dogs come out of their spa day relaxed and refreshed! Our pups love a good mud facial, paw soak, and blowout. You’ll be shocked to see how their confidence skyrockets when they feel squeaky clean!

With these ten ideas, you should be all set to have a celebration your pup will never forget! After being our most loyal friends, they deserve to be spoiled- I mean, celebrated!


This Article Written By Sit Social Staff: Jo Stewart

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