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Pet Safety For Cicada Season

If you are new to the Midwest, hopefully someone has warned you about our loud, buzzing friends. After 17 years, the cicada's have decided it's time to party and will start to pop up everywhere soon! During this cicada-pocalypse, it's important to learn about not only your own safety, but your pup's safety, too!

Help! My dog ate a cicada!

While this concept may seem scary, stay calm. The most important thing to know is cicada's are NOT poisonous. Your pup definitely shouldn't be chowing down on them, as their crunchy exoskeletons can cause stomach aches and are a choking hazard; but if your dog eats one or two, they should be ok and ready to take on the day after a nap (and a bathroom break). If your dog ends up eating a large amount of cicada's (3+ for a small dogs, 5+ for medium, and more than 10 for a large dog), make sure to monitor. If your pup is throwing up consistently or cannot go to the bathroom, their cicada snack may have caused a blockage, which means it's time to go to the vet.

How to prevent your dog from eating a crunchy snack

Cicadas are creatures of habit much like pups. There are some tips to best avoid their high times, which may help you plan out your walks and outings for the next couple of weeks.

  • Cicada's are less active during dawn and dusk, so plan your walks accordingly.

  • Avoid large, older trees. It's best to skip out on any intense woodland hikes these next couple of weeks.

  • Keep an eye of your pup, keep them on leash and stay vigilant!

  • Teach your dog a "leave it" command so you can easily prevent ingestion.

  • If your pup is still in the midst of training, consider muzzling your dog when going on walks as a temporary solution for their safety.

How to engage your pet when you can't go for walks

Avoiding walks during the day during cicada season might make your pet a little antsy, especially if they're used to a mid-day stroll. In order to keep your pup happy and fulfilled, here are some recommendations on indoor activities.

  • Create an indoor doggie obstacle course: Transform your home by moving furniture, placing treats, and hiding toys. Keep you dog away from the space until everything is ready, then let them free! You can guide them through or allow them to explore on their own.

  • Teach them new tricks: Get creative! Dogs love to please; try teaching them to spin, sit on their hindlegs, do a figure eight around your own legs, close/open doors, or play dead.

  • Treat time: What pup doesn't love a good treat? Peanut butter filled Kongs are delicious and a great interactive activity, as it takes a good amount of time to finish it off. You can always stop in for a pupcake or freeze their treats into ice cubes! Some pups even love frozen fruits, such as blueberries, banana's, or apples.

In the end

Cicada's are a summertime nuisance that will cause some annoyance these next couple weeks. Stay strong and keep your eye on all pets this season to keep them safe. Your pup will probably get used to them after a while and the curiosity will start to fade. You'll forget they were ever a problem!

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