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Dog sitter. Dog sitting. Pet Sitting Chicago. Sit Social 60657
Dog Sitter. Dog Sitting Chicago. Sit Social

Dog Sitter

Let your dog experience the utmost comfort by staying in their own home with one of our dog sitters while you are away. Our trusted staff are like backup family members. Feedings, potty breaks, and overnight sleeping with your pup included. Best for dogs with high anxiety, special needs, seniors, dogs who prefer the comfort of their own home,  or dogs who are over the weight limit for our dog hotel (30 lbs/under).

Starts at $125 per 24 hrs

Dog sitter. Dog Sitter Near Me. Dog Sitter Chicago. Sit Social 60657
Dog sitter chicago. Dog Sitting. 60657 Sit Social
Dog Sitter Chicago 60657

How Much Does It Cost And
What Is Included
In An In Home Dog Sitter

  • $125 per 24 hr period ($5.20/hr) 

  • Holiday Weeks/Weekends Peak Rates Apply (+$$)

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