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The Dog Spa Chicago

Our exclusive, self service or full service dog spa and dog wash offer luxury grooming. We invite your dog to be pampered by us with full service grooming ($100-$300) or to book an appointment for our self service dog wash ($15+).

Full Service Grooming Includes "The Works" (Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, blueberry facial, whitening/brightening shampoo, conditioning treatments, anal gland expression, & haircut/trims/shaving as needed/requested).


Grooming ranges from $100-$300 and price is determined based on several factors (your dog's behavioral reactions to the groom, the size/weight of your dog, your specific style needs, the current condition of your dog's coat -ie matting etc-and the amount of work requested). Your final price will be determined at pickup based on all of these factors. 


20% cash gratuity is industry standard and is  appreciated for the groomer.

Grooming 60657 Dog Spa Groomer
Dog Spa Dog Grooming 60657 Dog Groomer

Green Tea & Bergamot Bath $40

Non Haircut Grooming Service

Pamper your pup with a calming green tea + bergamot sudsy bath. We lather your pup to rid them of dirt and smells and then zoom groom brush the shampoo deep into their coat to cleanse and remove excess hair and dead skin.

We rinse, dry (blow-dry if needed for long haired pups), use the furminator brush to remove remaining loose hair, and send your pup home smelling fresh and looking fly.

Dog Groomer 60657 Dog Grooming Near Me Chicago

Add Ons

+$10 Each

A La Carte Cleanings

+Brightening Blueberry Facial

+Anti Allergen Paw Soak

+Nail Trim

+Ear Cleaning

+Teeth Cleaning

+Anal Gland Expression

Dog Spa Dog Grooming 60657 Dog Groomer

Spa Mud Deep Conditioning Bath $50

Non Haircut Grooming Service

Spoil your pup with a green tea sudsy bath followed by our luxurious deep conditioning spa mud. The spa mud supplies essential minerals that detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves for undesirable smells, impurities, and toxins that create problem skin with vital minerals and hydrating omega oils.

It will rejuvenate your dog’s skin and coat and help relieve and prevent excessive shedding while promoting healthy coat and skin.

Dog Grooming 60657 Dog Spa Dog Groomer Chicago
Dog Spa Dog Wash Chicago

How Much Does Grooming At The Dog Spa Cost &
What Is Included At The Dog Spa?

​Self Service Dog Wash - Email for Appointment

  • $15 per 30 Minutes Includes Dog Shampoo, Brushes, Access to Tub, Towels, & Blow Dryer

  • Add teeth cleaning supplies $3

  • Add brightening blueberry facial supplies $3

  • Add nail trimming supplies $3

  • Add ear cleaning supplies $3

  • Add paw soak supplies $3

  • Add spa mud deep conditioner $2 per oz

Full Service Dog Spa

  • $100-$300 Haircuts/Shaving

  • $40 Green Tea + Bergamot Bath

  • $50 Bath + Spa Mud Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • $50 Brightening Whitening Blueberry Shampoo Bath

  • $10 Blueberry Brightening Facial

  • $10 Nail Trim

  • $10 Teeth Cleaning

  • $10 Ear Cleaning

  • $10 Paw Soak

  • $10 Anal Gland Expression