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5 star rated. Small on Purpose.

Our exclusive little dog lounge enhances your dog's social skills, stimulates their mental senses, and burns off some energy while they play with friends.  Our small-batch dog daycare packages cater to little, well-behaved dogs around 30 lbs and under. We only accept dogs who enroll in a monthly package and our daycare is nearing full capacity so we will be starting a waitlist soon.


Dog Daycare packages start at $350/month for an 8 pack & include up to 12 hrs of daycare  M-F 7am-7pm + photo/video update. Dog Spa services, barkery treats, and activities can be added on to any daycare or dog hotel experience with us.

Contact us below to schedule your dog's first visit . Or call 773-661-9336 now.

Get Started!

Info Received. Call Us For A Faster Response 773-661-9336
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