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Dog Grooming Near Me 60657

Meet our expert dog groomer Amanda!

Book a dog grooming appointment at 3221 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657

We are thrilled to have Amanda on our Sit Social team as a professional dog groomer. She brings a warmth, kindness, patience, and compassion that is necessary to provide a gentle and loving grooming experience for your pup.

Amanda is a second generation dog groomer who grew up around the profession and has a true love and passion for transforming dogs.

Amanda has groomed thousands of dogs, almost every breed of dog, and provides quality grooms with her 8 + years of expertise. 

Amanda is currently available for grooms and is booking up fast!  Register in our system to request a booking with Amanda.


Our full service grooming ranges from $70 to $250 and is based on a variety of factors including your dog's size, temperament, and condition of their coat at dropoff. A quote will be given at dropoff and final price determined at pickup. Here is a guideline for pricing:

  • $70 is the base price for "The Works"  (Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, facial, brightening shampoo, conditioning treatment, anal gland expression)

  • $80- $125 Is the range for "The Works" + haircuts/trims. 

  • $130-$250 is for time consuming breeds such as doodles, extreme grooming cases with severe matting, or a very particular show dog haircut. 

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